LumiPhage™ - Bioluminescent Reporter Bacteriophage

Guild BioSciences has pioneered biosensor research to improve the speed and accuracy of bacterial pathogen detection using reporter bacteriophage (phage). A reporter phage is a phage that is engineered to produce a signal upon infection of target bacteria. When a reporter phage infects the target bacteria, they commandeer the cells' machinery and produce a readily detectable signal, indicating that the target organisms are both present and viable. Guild BioSciences holds several patents and pending patent applications on reporter phage technologies in both the US and internationally.
Guild Associates Bacteriophage
Electron Microscope Image of a T4-type Bacteriophage

  • Highly sensitive - Guild BioSciences scientists have achieved sensitivities as low as 101 CFU/mL. 
  • Highly specific - phage are naturally bacterial-specific. The Guild BioSciences team choose wisely when selecting a phage for reporter phage development, ensuring these phages have the appropriate specificity.
  • Low cost - unlike molecular diagnostics, phage reagents are inexpensive.
  • Rapid - Scientists at Guild BioSciences have been able to achieve impressive detection times that rival or surpass that of molecular-based approaches.
  • Adaptable - the system can be adapted to fit high-throughput, high volume or single assay, low-volume scenarios.
  • Simplicity - the procedure is simple and easy to perform, making it ideal for many different settings, such as clinical laboratories, point-of-care (POC), in-field, or food testing laboratories.

acteriophage Rapid Anthrax Viability Evaluation System

BRAVES uses patented LumiPhage technology to detect viable B. anthracis pre- and post-decontamination in the field. After a terrorist attack using B. anthracis, identification and decontamination of exposed areas will be critical to restore these areas back to a usable state. Guild BioSciences' BRAVES will identify areas needing decontamination as well as indicate if an area is 'all clear' after decontamination or if more work is needed. BRAVES is a simple, rapid, high-throughput detection system for use in the field. For additional information, please see the BRAVES Brochure. If you would like to discuss the technology further please use the Contact Us page. The technology was developed in collaboration with the Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and funded by DTRA chem-bio Wide Area Decontamination program.

Lateral Flow Immunoassay

Lateral flow immunoassays are a proven technology that offers many advantages. They are easy-to-use, disposable, inexpensive, and robust POC devices that have carved a niche in nearly every market. The deficiencies of lateral flow immunoassays are their lack of sensitivity, specificity, and multiplex capability. Guild BioSciences is currently investigating new variations on this well-established technology to allow for expanded use in current markets and potentially open new ones.