8064 FOUNDATION™ ssDNA Scaffold
DNA you can build on!

8064 was generated using the M13mp18 phage and adding 815 bases to its genetic sequence. This scaffold was first created by Dr. William Shih (Nature, 2009). Dr. Shih designed numerous variations of the M13mp18 phage to publish the first ever three-dimensional DNA origami nanostructures.  The 8064 scaffold is the longest M13mp18 based ssDNA scaffold commonly used in DNA Origami. The larger size scaffold makes it possible to produce larger and more complex nanostructures because there are more bases available for folding. Guild BioSciences has put together a "Scaffold Recommendations" document to help customers get the best results out of their FOUNDATION 8064 ssDNA scaffold. Please click here to view this document.

Guild BioSciences puts our FOUNDATION 8064 ssDNA through a number of quality checks to ensure purity, stability, correct sequence identity, and usability. We even assemble a simple DNA Origami nanostructure for each 8064 lot manufactured to ensure the FOUNDATION™ 8064 ssDNA scaffold performs properly. To order FOUNDATION™ 8064 ssDNA scaffold please click on the "8064" link below.


Interested in bulk quantities? Contact us at info@guildbiosciences.com with the amount you would like to be quoted. Discounts start at 5 tubes.

For research use only.
Made in the U.S.A. 

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Additional Documentation

8064 ssDNA Sequence:8064 Safety Data Sheets:
8064 Sequence8064 SDS

Certificate of Analysis - Available on request, 8064 Sample