Guild BioSciences will soon be offering our FOUNDATION ssDNA™ Ladder! This is the first single-stranded DNA ladder on the market designed specifically for researchers creating single-stranded nanostructures above 1,000 bases. DNA origami researchers have been required to use dsDNA ladders for too long which provide little real value. Why would you use a dsDNA ladder to measure a ssDNA scaffold or nanostructure?

The FOUNDATION ssDNA™ Ladder has the following advantages:

  • A ssDNA ladder is a more accurate representation of scaffold and structure size. dsDNA ladders do not correlate with ssDNA because of their charge and molecular size.

  • Allows for more meaningful, quantifiable and accurate gels in research experiments.

  • The FOUNDATION ssDNA™ Ladder "steps" are ideally spaced for scaffolds and nanostructures commonly build by origami researchers.

The FOUNDATION ssDNA™ Ladder is available in 500 µL volumes which is enough for approximately 50 gel loadings. Quantity discounts are available.

This product is not available yet but should be soon. If you'd like to be informed when the FOUNDATION ssDNA™ Ladder becomes available please email Guild BioSciences at

The ssDNA Ladder is for Research Use Only.