ImmobiZyme™ is a patented enzyme immobilization technology.1 Like all immobilization technologies, this technology works by imparting certain properties to enzymes, which are not present in the non-immobilized form. However, the ImmobiZyme™ technology confers two novel advancements.

The first is the use of only biodegradable support materials, producing a biodegradable immobilized enzyme, and usually at a low manufacturing cost. This is particularly advantageous in applications where a candidate immobilization technology has been considered, but has unacceptable disposal costs, could possibly leak into a human consumption product, or has another undesirable environmental impact.

The second advancement is a broader range of properties that can be customer-configured for a particular application. This is useful when other immobilization techniques use support materials that: are expensive, abrasive, or structurally insufficient; contain non-GRAS materials; generally do not possess the properties desired for a given application, and options for adjusting the support materials are limited. Using ImmobiZyme™, enzyme activity is matched with a broad range of support materials to confer the optimal outcome for the application. With these advancements, the ImmobiZyme™ process is a truly novel, enabling immobilization technology.

Key Advantages:
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Minimal environmental effects
  • Lower cost immobilization materials
  • Potentially lower manufacturing costs
  • Use in open environments
  • Broad mechanical property range
  • Broad diffusion property range
  • Broad particle size range
  • Broad shape range
  • Broader processing & use environments
  • Agriculture
  • Allergen removal (lactose)
  • Animal feed
  • Bioenergy (biodiesel, hydraulic fracturing, etc.)
  • Bioremediation
  • Biotechnology applications
  • Chemical processing
  • Drug production
  • Fruit extraction (juice, wine, etc.)
  • Paper & pulp

Illustration of Guild BioSciences' ImmobiZyme™ Product Development Process

ImmobiZyme Process

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1 - Patent # 9,944,920