ImmobiZyme - Immobilized Enzyme Platform

ImmobiZyme™ Overview

Immobilized Enzyme
ImmobiZyme™ - Immobilized Enzyme Powder
Immobilized enzymes have been around for some time and offer advantages over non-immobilized enzyme in situations where reuse or continuous flow are practical and in extreme environments such as high-temperature or high/low pH. However, the major drawback of current immobilization platforms on the market is cost. Many immobilizations use expensive support materials which make favorable economics unattainable.

Guild BioSciences’ patented enzyme immobilization platform, ImmobiZyme™, uses low-cost biomass material as a significant component in the immobilization. ImmobiZyme™ drastically lowers the immobilization cost and provides a stronger economical case to replace non-immobilized enzymes in applications, or to improve the economics of applications that currently use other immobilization techniques.

Cost Savings Comparison of Immobilization Technologies

There are several immobilization technologies available with different raw material costs. The following graph compares ImmobiZyme™ with a polymeric resin bead immobilization technology. Due to the significant cost saving, this graph uses 2 y-axes with the left y-axis (red) for the resin costs and the right y-axis (blue) for the ImmobiZyme™ costs.  The raw material costs are used to generate a cost per unit weight of enzyme immobilized. Various raw material costs are factored into the graph below.

Immobilization Cost Comparison

As seen in the graph, the lowest resin cost (brightest red line) is significantly greater than the highest ImmobiZyme™ cost (darkest blue line). The graph clearly illustrates the significant cost saving particularly at low enzyme loadings (left side of x-axis). This is significant as some resin immobilization technologies only allow for low enzyme loadings. The graph illustrates the raw material cost of the ImmobiZyme™ technology is more than an order of magnitude lower compared to the resin immobilization technology.

Additional Benefits of ImmobiZyme

Immobilized Enzyme - Pellets
ImmobiZyme™ - Immobilized Enzyme Pellets
ImmobiZyme™ imparts characteristics commonly found through immobilization such as: stability in environments not suitable for non-immobilized enzymes, improved storage stability, the ability to reuse the enzyme, and to use the enzyme in continuous flow applications. Additionally, ImmobiZyme™ can include a high percentage of enzyme in its immobilization and retains a high degree of activity after immobilization both of which are not common in many immobilization platforms.

A unique feature of ImmobiZyme™ is the ability to use biomass exclusively in our immobilization. As many of these biomass components have been determined as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS; US FDA) in other applications, it is likely that ImmobiZyme™ could also be used in applications where GRAS is required. This is not a common feature among other immobilization platforms. Additionally, this feature can reduce disposal costs associated with ImmobiZyme™ compared to other immobilization platforms.

ImmobiZyme™ can also be used to immobilize other proteins (antibodies), aptamers, DNA or RNA.

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