About Us

About Guild BioSciences

Guild Associates, Inc, is a research, development, and manufacturing company. Having successfully developed and marketed products for more than 30 years, the company has a strong reputation in the fields of chemical warfare defense, military systems, industrial catalysts, and natural gas separation. Building on this foundation, the growing impact of biology and related fields on everyday life led Guild Associates to establish Guild BioSciences (GBS) as a division focused on bioscience R&D.

The GBS Division has expanded from its beginnings in R&D to add product development and manufacturing capabilities. Diverse backgrounds, innovation, a collaborative environment, and the agility of a small business empower GBS to consider multiple markets simultaneously, including military, health, food, environmental, animal and agricultural markets. 

ColoniesR&D funding at GBS derives from multiple sources. GBS may pursue outside funding for R&D efforts through government agencies or corporate partnerships, but will also fund internal R&D, product development, or manufacturing development, as necessary. One of the strengths of the company is that it is owned by a small group of investors that allow for realistic growth objectives and milestones.

At GBS, we support the research interests of our scientists, while ensuring that every project makes sense from both a scientific and a business standpoint. We recruit intelligent, hardworking, creative, driven individuals that are versatile and willing to work as part of a team. We offer a rich benefits package, including a cafeteria plan (Supplemental Annual leave, Group Long Term Disability, and Supplemental Term Life Insurance), increasing service leave with employment longevity, and a health insurance plan well above industry averages. If this is an environment that sounds appealing, please visit the Guild BioSciences CAREERS webpage and consider joining our team.

Guild BioSciences has many pending and issued patents both in the US and internationally including 8,865,399, 9,212,383, and 9,944,920.