Welcome to Guild BioSciences!

Guild BioSciences is a bioscience technology development business unit of Guild Associates. Our focus is the development and commercialization of novel, enabling bioscience technology. Our commercialization pathways include building upon existing or introducing new products, licensing, and partnering. Guild BioSciences is always on the lookout for productive, mutually beneficial partnerships.

With extensive experience in research, development and project execution, Guild BioSciences can function as a source of biological expertise and research knowledge, or serve as project managers or leaders in circumstances that require small business oversight (SBIR, STTR or other such programs). In addition, as part of Guild Associates Inc, Guild BioSciences has the support of a multi-disciplinary engineering and production team.

There are opportunities for collaboration in our research, currently funded by NIH, NSF, USDA and DTRA. To learn more about our areas of expertise, our technologies, and our products, click on of the icons below.



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The DNA Origami research community now has an economical, high quality source for ssDNA scaffold with Guild BioSciences' FOUNDATION ssDNA scaffold! Click HERE to learn more.