DNA you can build on!

As an active participant in DNA Origami research, Guild BioSciences saw a need for quality, cost effective commercially available ssDNA scaffold starting with the M13mp18 (7249 bases) scaffold. Having a rich history in bacteriophage based research and products (see Biosensors), Guild BioSciences seized the opportunity to meld both our phage expertise and our interest in DNA Origami to fill a need within the DNA Origami research community by offering our FOUNDATION™ ssDNA scaffold.

Guild BioSciences provides quality, low cost circular ssDNA scaffold for the DNA Origami research community. Our quality assurance standards exceed those of competitors by going as far as assembling a simple DNA Origami nanostructure for each lot manufactured to ensure the FOUNDATION™ ssDNA scaffold performs properly. A sample from each FOUNDATION™ ssDNA scaffold lot is sequenced to ensure quality scaffold products. The base sequence is as in M13mp18. Non-7249 scaffolds are derivatives of M13mp18.

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FOUNDATION™ ssDNA scaffolds Guild BioSciences currently offers:

M13mp18 (7249) scaffold
7308 scaffold
8064 scaffold

FOUNDATION™ ssDNA scaffold products are for Research Use Only.

Made in the U.S.A.